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How Much Do You Know About Yoga?

  • A. Not Much At All
  • B. Some Basic Information
  • C. Quite A Bit
  • D. Well Versed & Love It

Have You Tried Yoga Before?

  • A. No, I Never Have
  • B. Yes, I Have Tried But Was Not Very Successful
  • C. Yes, I Enjoy Yoga From Time To Time
  • D. Yes, Yoga Is Part Of Life

If Given A Stress Free Yoga Program To Get In Shape Would You Use It?

  • A. Yes. Depending What Is Involved
  • B. Yes. I Would Try Anything Once
  • C. Yes. I Have Been Waiting To Get Started
  • D. Yes. Sign Me Up

How Ready Are You To Start Yoga Now?

  • A. Not Sure IF I Am Ready
  • B. I AM Ready As Soon As I Have Time
  • C. I Am Ready I Just Don't Know How To Start
  • D. I Am Ready And Already Started

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